Tony Speakman Photography

Tony Speakman Photography
Tony Speakman Photography

Associate Photographer – Hawkes Bay Region & Nationwide

Artistic Vision…

Tony Speakman Photography
Tony Speakman Photography

Born in Gisborne, on the beautiful East Coast of NZ, I come from a family with a long artistic tradition that includes musicians, artists, actors and more. I developed a love of photography at an early age, loving the artistic side of documenting life, family and events in the community.

When I left school it was not long before I was working in the photographic industry. For several years I was the personal printer for local photographic legend James White FPPNZ. Working for James was inspiring and instructive and I couldn’t have asked for a greater mentor. Over the next 25 years I worked in nearly every aspect of the photographic industry from the darkroom to the selling floor to the magic of the digital arena.

The result of all this is an artistic vision that truly reflects the spirit and uniqueness of every situation, whether it be the romance and joy of a wedding or the celebration of an awards ceremony or the unique bonds and love of a family who have come in for a portrait.

This artistic vision has also brought about a unique approach to both photography and graphic design that truly brings out the special aspects of your business in a way that speaks volumes at a glance.

I feel honoured to be able to capture the emotions and feelings of your wedding day, the joy and spirit of your family and the passion and vibrancy of your business. My artistic work has recently been featured on the covers of cuisine magazine, cafe magazine and featured in many others and hangs with pride on un-numbered walls around the world.

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